Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bond, James Bond

I'm not sure how I missed this when it first came out (har har) in the news, but I love the fact that Daniel Craig wants Bond to have a gay scene in the next flick. Odds that it will actually happen are slim to none, of course, but how awesome would that be? It makes me want to write a romance about two super spys who fall in love and have lots of hot, dangerous sex as they battle their feelings for each other as well as the bad guy.

If I do, I'll have to credit Daniel Craig for the inspiration! He can inspire me anytime.

So who's your favourite Bond? And would you want to see Bond go bisexual, or do you think it would tarnish the history of the character?

Are there any books out there already about a gay super spy?


Amanda Young said...

Wouldn't that be awesome! Now I'm picturing all those bond girls being replaced with yummy cabana boys in white speedos. That might actually get me into the theatre to see one of the Bond flicks. *HG*

Keira Andrews said...
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Keira Andrews said...

Oops, I made a typo in my reply. (I hate typos!)

I've always been mostly ambivalent about Bond, but Casino Royale totally changed that. Mmmm, Daniel Craig is delicious. I love the thought of him cavorting with cabana boys, Amanda! *g*

Vicki said...


I don't know of any books with a male Bond character, but Mabel Maney has a series out with Jane Bond. Her books are hilarious. They are spoofs of the original with a slightly different twist. I've read the ones she wrote that are spin offs of Nancy Drew. Very funny.

Keira Andrews said...

Thanks for the tip, vicki!

Unknown said...

oh, the thoughts of naughty spys covorting secretly is such a tun on. *drool*
But I honestly don't see it happening on the screen. *sigh* I think they really pushed it with the 'torture' in the last Bond film *ouch, just thinking about that* But I'm sure I would be first in line if they do ;)
Oh, and I loved Pierce Bronson as Bond. There's just something about that man that gives me chills - the good kind.

Keira Andrews said...

Yeah, I'd be shocked if it actually happened on the big screen! I would be right there in line with you if it did, though. *g*

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