Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

First off, Happy Memorial Day to all those who live in America. Please take a moment and remember those who've died to give us our freedom. Also thank a vertern while you are at it and thank them for their time served.

Second, I'd love to share with you the reviews I've gotten for my latest release, A Master's Love.

5 stars from JERR

*still doing happy dance*

"Ms. Rayne has a sizzling erotic romance with A Master’s Love. The mentalattraction and play between Nate and Kyle is superb. The sexual tension andpower tugs between the two characters had me on the edge of my seat...If you likehomoerotic romance with a twist of BDSM then I highly suggest this book for yourreading." ~ Julie Esparza

4 rating from Night Owl Reviews

"In general, it's a solid and well-written novella, worth the read, especially if you're looking for a love story between two men that will leave you with a wry smile and warm fuzzies." ~ Nica

A Master's Love is now available at Loose-Id


Nate Jacobs had his health, a roof over his head, food in his stomach, and a best friend to keep him grounded. What more did a Dominant need? That was what he always thought until Kyle Turner knocked on his door.

Feeling like his life was in a slump Kyle Turner decided to try something different. He went to Angel’s Heart not really knowing what to expect from a house full of Dominants, but finds more than he bargained for when he discovers himself at Nate’s mercy.

Can either man take the chance at the love that is right in front of them?

Note: This is a M/M story with a strong Domination/submissive theme and includes graphic sex scenes and bondage.

Never before posted excerpt: For Adults

Kyle pushed Nate back into the nearest stall and locked the door, never breaking the kiss. He ran his hands through Nate’s hair, feeling the softness between his fingers for the first time. He pressed his body against Nate’s, his dick swelling and throbbing, pressing against his jeans, aching, but he ignored the discomfort. All of his attention was on the man pressed against him.

He could feel that Nate’s groin had stiffened in response to his touch, the thought sending thrilling chills down his spine. The lust that had filled him since meeting Nate threatened to explode, driving him to act upon his impulses. He ground himself into Nate, his excitement climbing when his movement was met with an answering whimper. At that moment, Kyle knew he wasn’t walking out of this room without fulfilling a portion of his desire.

With effort, Kyle pulled himself from Nate’s very addicting lips and let his mouth slide up to his ear and then slowly traveled down his neck, tasting as much of Nate’s skin as possible. His hands worked at unbuttoning Nate’s shirt, fighting the urge to rip it from his body. He was desperate to feel Nate’s skin beneath his hands. To feel his heat and finally touch the skin that had been torturing him for the past two weeks.

His mouth trailed down over Nate’s shoulders, his hands pushing off the shirt. His only care was where his lips moved, the skin he touched, and the response he received from Nate. Kyle moved further down until he captured one of Nate’s exposed nipples between his teeth and gave it a tug.

“Kyle,” Nate moaned softly. His head was thrown back, eyes closed, and his fingers had buried themselves in Kyle’s hair. The sound was deep and filled with want. Kyle wondered how long it had been since someone had touched Nate this way. With this much desire and yearning. When was the last time Nate had someone touch him because they desired him, Nate Jacobs? Not someone who wanted a Dominant, but someone who wanted the man who felt pain, lust, and loneliness like everyone else.

Kyle took his time caressing, kissing, and exploring Nate’s chest and stomach. He felt Nate’s hands slide from his hair to explore his shoulders and every other place he could reach. Kyle kneeled, their surroundings fading away, oblivious to any comings or goings outside the stall. All he could see and feel was Nate. The only sound he heard was his own heartbeat and the quiet sounds escaping Nate’s lips.

“Kyle...” Nate’s voice trembled when Kyle brushed his lips over his navel; his fingers had made quick work of Nate’s belt and pants, and were trying to push them down. “Kyle, we shouldn’t,” Nate tried again, his hands going to Kyle’s shoulders to push him away.

Kyle rose from his knees without a word and captured Nate’s lips again. The kiss was deep and unrestrained. He kissed Nate until they were both breathless.

“We are not in your room, Nate.” Kyle emphasized Nate’s name. “I am not your client right now. I am a man who is extremely attracted to you and seeks to give you pleasure. So shut your fucking mouth before I’m forced to stuff something in it.”

Kyle saw Nate’s surprise at his aggressiveness, but it showed only a moment as a smirk slowly formed on his lips.


Kyle’s brow rose and he groaned at the sound of teasing in Nate’s voice. He didn’t respond, but knelt as before. He pushed Nate’s pants down his thighs and handled the hardened cock and tight balls. Kyle wet his lips and rolled his eyes up to watch Nate’s reaction, only to find the man’s eyes growing darker,while the gold streaks appeared to glow brighter. Testing the waters, Kyle licked the tip with his tongue, getting his first taste of Nate.


Robin Snodgrass said...

Wow! What an excerpt! I know I've got to read this one!

Unknown said...

Thanks Robin :) Hope you had a good day

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