Thursday, May 10, 2007

Morning, Everyone!

Good morning to all who're up, around, and checking in on blogs! My name is Willa Okati, and I'm the author of several M/M stories ranging from shorts to novellas to some novels. I'm with Torquere Press, Loose Id, Changeling Press and Samhain Publishing. I'm the quiet type they always told you to watch out for, with an occasionally wicked sense of humor.

There! You know who I am.

Now, I turn my eye toward you. Step on up and introduce yourselves -- anything from a "hi" to telling me what you like about or like to see in M/M.

Regardless of whether you comment or not, it's a pleasure to meet you!


ingrid said...

Good morning Willa,
Always love reading your books! :)

Willa Okati said...

Hiya, Ingrid! Thank you for the compliment. It's a pleasure to meet you :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Willa,
I love all your stories =)

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