Thursday, May 3, 2007

Not quite TT

Well, I was going to do a Thursday Thirteen, but I didn't reach 13 items. Still, I thought I'd give my list of of post-RT convention posts and if people want to add in the comments, that would be great.

  1. Carolan Ivey made it home. And she has a bunch of previous RT posts.

  2. Lauren Dane is home from RT, with pictures

  3. And a report.

  4. Tawny Taylor is back, with pictures.

  5. And more pictures.

  6. Maya Banks also has pictures.

  7. Jordan Summers blogs about the RT convention.

  8. Twice.

  9. Sasha White has a wonderful slide show.

  10. And, sigh, Laura Baumbach reports on a less-than-happy experience at the Hyatt. It frankly beggars belief that her display was the most risqué at RT.

Sorry to end on a downer, but I think it's important not to ignore it, either.

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