Thursday, September 6, 2007

Busy Month for Our Boys

August went by as blur in my end of the universe and the books that seemed to be taking forever to be released are coming out soon as hell :P Our friend Tiffany put her mad video skillz to use and made us a nifty little trailer to celebrate the September 18 release of our paranormal yaoi tale Parallel Process coming from Loose ID. Below the vid you'll find a saucy little excerpt. Enjoy.

Parapsychology students Matt and Haku are as into each other as figuring out the things that go bump in the night. With demons on the loose, a lustful devil god on the prowl and a missing key to hell, the semester won’t be easy.

Haku’s roommate was gone, the two-hundred square foot room empty, and one window open over Haku’s bed on the right. Matt locked the door once they entered and wiggled his eyebrows.

“No time for your games, Matthew,” Haku said, peeling off his T-shirt and heading to the bathroom. He closed the door before Matt could follow him inside, figuring his lover would take the hint.

Haku washed quickly and brushed his teeth. He went out to get dressed and froze in the doorway. Matt lay naked and spread-eagle on his bed, one arm tucked behind his head and playful smile on his lips.

“Maaattt, no…” Haku whimpered.

“Yesssss,” Matt drawled. He held up a condom in one hand and a tube of lube in the other.

Taking a deep breath, Haku closed his eyes and turned toward the closet, determined not to be swayed by the sight of the hot abs, well-toned thighs, or the long, hard cock that he wanted to feel buried deep inside him.

“Haku-chan,” Matt called in a singsong voice that gave Haku a shiver.

“I’m not listening,” Haku retorted, forcing himself to stare at the white button-down shirt in front of him. He put the shirt on, grabbing a pair of navy Dockers for himself and then a pale blue shirt for Matt. “Those black jeans of yours don’t look too shabby. You’ll be able to get by.”

“The only thing I want to get is into you.” Most of the time Matt’s deep voice had an affable tone that matched his friendly, easygoing personality. But, damn if he couldn’t lower his timbre into a husky, seductive purr that was pure sex. Haku refused to acknowledge the burning attraction.
Of course, his cock and balls had other ideas.

“Matt. No,” he said, taking the clothing and turning to face his best friend and lover. “Oh, God…”

Matt hadn’t moved from the bed. His legs parted and cock hard, he arched his back, making his penis stand up farther as he rolled the condom all the way to the organ’s thick base. He held the shaft upright to let a stream of lube trickle down the firm length.

“Come on, Haku. You know you want to.”

Haku bit his lip and closed his eyes to take a long, slow breath. They didn’t have time for this. They had important things to do. His roommate might come in at any second—


Oh, shit. That sexy drawl went straight through him. He opened his eyes, cursing the allure of Matt’s charming grin and perfect body. Nevertheless, he found his clothes gathering into a pile on his dresser as he got naked, then padded over barefoot to the bed.


Anonymous said...

Nice video! The book has been added to the TBB list! :)

Barbara Sheridan said...

Thank you Anon at 3:51!

Do pop back here some Friday and let us know what you think or drop us an email
poisoneddragon AT dragonsdisciple DOT com

clear skies said...

The cover art is beautiful ♥ I still need to read your other stories too, but this looks great. Can't wait for the release.

Amanda Young said...

I look forward to reading this one. It sounds wonderful.

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