Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mornin', folks!

Lord, what a week. Between kids being pains and tight deadlines, it's a miracle I haven't gone insane.

Hope everyone's week has been at least somewhat relaxing. LOL Anyone got any plans for the weekend? I'll probably write; Lord knows I need to.

I've got tons of works to finish up, plus several more to start. Need to get Book 2 of Sword & Sorcery started, plus smooth out the sequel to The Prince's Angel. Oh, and finish up the edits for Realms of Fantasy (an angel/demon anthology Shayne and I have coming out in April from Samhain).

Here lately, though, I've been trying to read a little more. Recently posted my review of Robyn Young's debut novel, Brethren, on my LJ. Now I'm reading Judith Tarr's Kingdom of the Grail.

Also need to catch up on my shows. I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but I do have my favorite shows. Spongebob is definitely one. You know he's queer as a football bat, right? I mean, honestly. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it. He and Patrick are lovers. And they're occasionally joined by Squidward, with whom they have a love/hate relationship going.

What? I'm serious!


I might share a snippet or two today, maybe take suggestions for how to start Book 2 of Sword & Sorcery...


Shari said...

Morning, Myc! *hugs*

LMAO! Spongebob and Patrick! Too funny.

Supposed to be going to the Big E on Sunday. We'll see. The girl child woke with a sore throat. Could be nothing, could be something. Hard to tell this early on.

Liz said...

*hugs* :D

Hehehe, I have all sorts of Spongebob theories.

Yikes... Hopefully it's nothing and will go away. :(

Unknown said...

Morning, Myc!

Never was a Spongebob fan, but Heroes is mighty slashy this season. Including Matt and Mohendir moving in together and raising Molly.

Liz said...

Mornin'! :D

I've heard that about Heroes. My current (newest) addiction, though, is Torchwood. LOL

Unknown said...

Oh, Torchwood is love. But as far as I know, S2 of Torchwood and S4 of Doctor Who don't start until January.

Liz said...

*nods* Thank God for BBC America. LOL Currently have a season pass to record Torchwood S1. :D

Shari said...

Me too. We'll see when we get home today if her throat is still sore. Sometimes I wake up with one it goes away. Just caused by a dry throat (probably snoring LOL).

Hope your day is going well. Looks like your keeping busy. Trying to finish some proofing. I've been juggling 3 proofing jobs this week plus the day job and I've a review to finish. >.<

Liz said...

*nods* I've had that happen, too. So hopefully that's all it is with her.

Heh...yeah, and this cold has decided to flare up again, too. LOL

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