Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

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I hope everyone had a fun and safe day. I got together with friends and played in the pool, soaked up the sun (tan is rocking this year), and ate some delicious food. Let's not forget the foo-foo drinks *wink*
Well, as we all do on occasion, I was cleaning out my computer the other day and came across a little ficlet I wrote years ago. Thought I'd post it for you pleasure. (Please forgive any grammical errors- I tried to catch most of them, but I'm no editor- lol) Enjoy!
Raul nodded his head in greeting to Micah and me as we came out of the house. Once we were settled in the car and on oour way, I finally asked, “Where are we going?”

Micah smiled. “Not far.”

After about a ten minute ride, Raul pulled to a stop, breaking up our make out session. When we got out, I saw that we were at the beach house just on the edge of my property. Really it was more like a small studio apartment my mother had built when she was younger. She had enjoyed the sound of the sea crashing on the rocks and would come here when she felt overwhelmed by the outside world.

“Thanks Raul. We’ll call in the morning when we’re ready to leave.”

“You’re welcome Micah. Have a good night,” Raul said as he got back in the car and left.

Micah turned to me. “Thought we could use some time alone. Come on.”
I was surprised when we walked in. The entire place was lit by candlelight. Music played softly. The scent of the vanilla candles lingered in the air. I smiled thinking that if I was a woman and not already having sex with Micah, I’d fall right into this seduction trap. Hell, even being a man, I was falling into Micah’s romantic seduction. Near the bed, I noticed a massage table had been set up.

Micah moved up behind me and placed a blindfold over my eyes. “Now that you’ve seen my work, it’s time you felt it.” Micah kissed my neck and the familiar tingling in my cock started.

Micah moved around, his fingertips sliding across my clothing. He slowly unbuttoned my shirt. Micah ran his hands up my abs then pecs to my shoulders and pushed the shirt off so it fell to the floor. Déjà vu. I had done the same to Micah the first night we met.

Micah moved his hands to my waist and unbuckled the belt then the pants. He knelt and pulled the clothing with him. He helped me step out of the clothing. Everything was still and I suddenly had the image of Micah smiling at my hardening cock. Blood rushed through my burning veins, biting back a moan.

I jumped when Micah used his tongue and lightly teased the tip. My groan ripped lose. My hips thrust forward wanting more.

“Not yet, baby.”

Micah stood and led me to the massage table and helped me lie down on my stomach. Again, he stilled and I waited anxiously for his touch. Even blindfolded, I could feel his gaze racking along my backside.

After a few minutes I heard his hands rubbing together, the oil making gasping noises as it was evenly distributed in his palms. His hands were warm when they lay lightly on my shoulders. His strokes were light and smooth as his hands traveled down my back, spreading the oil until my entire back was covered. His strokes were long and sensuous, almost teasing. When his palms reached the bottom of my back, Micah would let his fingers dance across my ass, sending goose bumps over my skin.

My muscles twitched under his hands, contracting and releasing with each movement as sighs and moans of pleasure escaped. Micah worked his way around my back until he reached the shoulders once more, kneading them. The tension and knots swiftly melted away.

Micah moved back to my ass and kneaded each cheek.. He moved down one leg and gently massaged the calf, then thigh making sure that his fingers brushed the inner most thigh near my groin. He repeated the same on the other leg. I shivered with rising desire.

“Turn over Kameron,” Micah said softly when my backside was completely done.

I turned feeling relaxed and a lot like jelly. I doubted my legs would even hold my weight if I tried to stand. However, that thought quickly fled when the air hit my burning cock. It was stiff and standing straight up just waiting for a flag for it to fly.

Micah ignored it and began at my feet, spreading the oil evenly and gently working each toe and the arch.

“Are you sure you’re in the right business?” I asked with a sigh.

Micah chuckled. “I’m sure.”

Micah moved up a leg, again brushing his fingertips right in the groin area, making my cock twitch. Micah repeated the motion on the other foot and leg still using long, gentle strokes. I gasped when his fingertips brushed the base of my balls.

Next Micah took my hand. He held it tenderly and was careful to work at each joint of the finger and used his thumbs to rub the palms. His hands worked up my forearm to the shoulder then Micah switched to the other arm. He moved to stand at my head and gently rubbed the oil over my chest and abs, his fingertips teasing my nipples that were taut and wanting attention as much as my cock. My breath quickened knowing there was little skin left for him to massage.

I heard the shuffle of cloth and turned my head to the left. I wanted to rip the blindfold from my eyes and see the gorgeous form of my lover. Somehow I was able to control the urge and keep my arms laying at my sides.

I felt Micah crawl on the table between my legs. My hips bucked up when he grasped my cock. I moaned as the warmth of Micah’s hands surrounded me. Micah in turn continued his soft movements, stroking and massaging my balls. I growled with frustration wanting it harder and faster.

“Please Micah.” I pleaded, voice cracking. I was filled with want and begging for release.

Micah gave in and took my length into his mouth. My hips bucked to Micah’s pace After all the teasing I didn’t last too long. I cried out his name as I climaxed, forcing his cum deep into his lover’s throat.

Micah released me and crawled up to lay his body on top mine. He ran his hands through my hair taking the blindfold off. We kissed passionately, tongues tangling together.

“You’ve got very talented hands and mouth,” I said with a smile.

“Let me remind you what else I have that is talented.” Micah sat up and placed one of my legs on each of his shoulders. He lubricated his hard, aching cock then gently placed the tip at my opening. Micah captured my gaze, amber locking with blue. He pushed in and we groaned, our gaze never wavering. Micah’s desire drove him to a fast pace, thrusting in and out hard. I lifted his hips, letting my lover slide deeper within. I watched mesmerized as he broke our gaze, throwing his head back, and cried out.

Micah gently lowered my legs and got up after he caught his breath. He went to the bedside table and poured out two glasses of champagne. He carried the glasses to the bed and sat when I managed to roll off the massage table and join him. He handed me a glass and raised his.

“To true love.”

I smiled and raised his glass. “To everlasting love.”

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