Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Women and Slash

I’ve been thinking about m/m slash fiction lately and exactly what it is about these stories that draw in so many women. Some websites claim that women make up the majority of slash authors and readers. I don’t know if it’s a fact or assumption. It is common knowledge, however, that over the years women have made huge strides in embracing their sexuality and exploring ideas which in the past were kept private. Many desires once considered taboo are freely discussed today.

Overall, we are less inhibited and freer in both self exploration and expression. A lot of the change likely has to do with the internet and unlimited exposure to new information and ideas. A few simple words entered into a search engine results in a wide variety of sources for enlightenment.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject? How were you introduced to m/m relationships and fiction?

My introduction into m/m relationships came from a co-worker who became a close friend. I was a bit…naïve, so it was a shock to discover the sight of Greg and Matt making out turned me on and I tried not to think about it. Not until I began reading erotic fiction did I discover that I wasn’t the only woman who found watching two men together to be hot.

My first story to be published, Passionate Realities, is a ménage relationship with two men and a woman. It was natural to feel the pull of bringing the heroes together, but I fought against it. At the time, there were very few erotic romances with m/m interaction available through the mainstream e-pubs. In the end, I gave in and allowed the heroine to ease her guys into what started as her desire, but quickly became theirs too.

Here’s a brief teaser from Passionate Realities, available from Ellora's Cave.

He spread her ass cheeks wide then waited until Travis was buried to the hilt. He could hear Travis’ balls slapping lightly against her flesh. Lifting her slightly, Aiden sunk two fingers into her dripping wet pussy.
He stroked his fingers in and out of her narrowed opening, waiting to feel her muscles relax around Travis. With each stroke he was caressing Travis’ cock through the thin membrane separating the channels. Strangely, the realization made his cock grow harder.
Looking over his shoulder into Travis’ eyes they shared the knowledge of what the caress was doing to both of them. When he was sure Cass was ready, Aiden guided his cock to the mouth of her vagina. With Travis’ cock in her ass, her pussy was even tighter than normal.
Working slowly he sheathed his cock to the hilt. Because of his reclining position, his balls slapped against Travis’, sending an electric current through both men. They moaned in unison.
“Oh, boys. I’m so full.” Cassandra’s voice was raspy.
Both men remained perfectly still. “Open your eyes, Cass. Look at me.” When she complied, Aiden asked, “Are you okay?”
Her eyes were glazed and she could barely speak, but both men heard every whispered word. “I can’t… Oh, God…so good.” Her tone became pleading. “Fuck me, hard.”
The connection between the two men became stronger than they would have ever believed possible. They had shared women before, but never filling her at the same time. Moving in concert, each stroke was a caress shared by all three. They felt each inch of the other’s cock with every movement along the thin membrane separating them.
Travis gasped with each movement as Aiden’s shaft penetrated Cass, and brushed against the length of his own cock, buried deep inside her ass. The multiple sensations made him wonder what it would be like to fuck his friend’s ass while Aiden fucked Cass’ pussy.


Unknown said...

I read Sierra Dafoe's The Dragon's Daughter and it has some m/m in it and I really enjoyed reading it. So of course that got me more curious and I haven't looked back since!!LOL!! I like the m/m/f stories or just m/m. These books can just be so hot!!

Nic, Why haven't I read this yet!!It's so on the list!! Great excerpt!!

Cathy M said...

You picked such a hot excerpt to share, I really liked this story. I think my first m/m was Chris Owen's Bareback, it was their romance that I really liked. Both m/m and m/f/m storylines make up a lot of my romance favorites list.

Keira Andrews said...

Hot excerpt!

It was the TV show Queer as Folk that got me into slash. I started with fanfic and then discovered e-books.

Laura Bacchi said...

I was invited to a GLBT party on the night Clinton was elected and couples were kissing. I enjoyed watching... and watching ;) Hopefully I wasn't too rude. Soon after, a friend introduced me to gay authors. Thanks for the hot excerpt :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Stephanie! I hope you enjoy the book.

I'm glad you enjoyed Passionate Realities, Cathy. I haven't read Bareback yet, but I do enjoy Chris Owens.

Thanks, Kiera! I bet that show drew in a lot of women.

Sounds like a great party, Laura. I'm sure hte guys didn't mind you watching. :D

Anne Cain said...

Ohhh, Nic...! *fansfans* I'm adding this baby to my must-have list right now.

Anonymous said...

My first m/m was Emma Holly's Menage. Actually, it was m/m/f and one of the first scenes was the heroine walking in on her 2 (soon to be) heroes making love. It was a huge "Wow, this is HOT!" moment for me and I've been reading m/m romance ever since.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy the book, Anne!

I loved Menage, Kim! That was one of my first read menage m/m stories too.

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