Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Totally Random

I’m feeling a bit…random today and apologize in advance. LOL!

This week is all about getting things done before I take off on vacation in 6 days to California. Woohoo! I’ll be spending 6 days in San Jose and 3 in Anaheim. My first ever vacation without the family. Just me and the girls. We’re calling it Californication.

The shopping gene sure passed me by. I hate shopping! Whenever I can’t buy something online, I’m at the store when it opens with the goal of getting in, getting what I need, and getting out before the clerks get cranky and there are a million customers there. Unfortunately, yesterday didn’t work for me today. I spent 4 hours at the local mall trying to find clothes for my trip. I’m still haven’t fully recovered from the experience.

I heard from my editor this weekend and Ellora’s Cave is contracting Trip My Switch. YAY! This is the edgy BDSM m/m/f ménage I was telling y’all about last month, which so captured my imagination. You can read the book blurb and an unedited excerpt by clicking here. I’m so excited about this book. The story really pushed me as an author.

I discovered a very cool website you may know about already, Out Zone TV (part of Bravo). You can watch episodes of various shows such as Boy Meets Boy. This is a reality show like the bachelor with a twist. The guy trying to find love has to figure out which of the fifteen guys on the show are gay and which are straight. And Manhunt…oh my! I highly recommend you go check out the photo galleries and episodes of this show. There’s some very nice eye candy.

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