Sunday, September 23, 2007

Help Ally Write!

Okay, so I have these two futuristic m/m stories, both of which I'd like to expand when the current rights run out, and I need major help deciding which one to work on first.

One is set on Earth, a couple hundred years in the future, after the Big Climate Change destroys civilization as we know it. This story is called "Dragon's Kiss" and will be out in the print zine Forbidden Love in the upcoming Sacred Bands issue (don't know the release date for sure, sorry).
Click here to check out Anne Cain's artwork for it! (warning for full frontal male nudity in pencils)

The other story, "Into The Black," first appeared in issue #1 of Forbidden Love and will soon be making an encore appearance in the free gay fiction ezine Forbidden Fruit. This story was described by one reviewer as "an intergalactic Sopranos" which is pretty much on the money *g* It's gritty and a bit dark, but with a happy ending. It's set on a space station orbiting Pluto, at an unnamed date in the future, after the Earth has become uninhabitable.

I'd like to expand both these stories into novel-length, but I don't know which to tackle first. What do y'all think? Post-apocolyptic Earth society, or space opera? Help me pick!


Anne D said...


I'm still drooling at that drawing ....

ingrid said...

I agree with Anne- Wow! What a beautiful drawing :) Now that i've wiped up the drool, how about the space opera?

Zot said...

Space opera, definitely space opera. It's a heck of a lot more fun to read, plus there's the opportunity to just go nuts when writing it, since you really can't go over the top with it... :)

Sabrina Luna said...

Ally, I'd be *inspired* by Anne's won-der-ful drawing! :)

S )O(

James Buchanan said...

Hey, I'm doing Hard Core Sci Fi for NaNo... shall we kick each other's butts and see who can out space opra each other????

Ally Blue said...

LOL James! Don't tempt me, I have a deadline for the next Bay City Paranormal book and definitely SHOULD NOT be playing with other plot bunnies in NaNo Land!

Thanks for the help, y'all, I knew you'd come through :D
Although, I'm thinking I might just do both O_O

Ally Blue said...

OH, and yeah, Anne's drawing in SINSPIRING, isn't it???

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