Friday, September 28, 2007

Guest blogging & contest

Barb and I are guest blogging today at the awesome-tastic blog, It's Not Chick Porn!. We're the first m/m authors to ever run amok on her blog, so please come out and join us! We'll be giving away a signed print copy of "Soul of the Night" along with a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate, so drop us a line in the comments section to be entered in the contest.

We're talking about favorite books, movies, manga--anything with a gay/yaoi twist. Feel free to share your personal recommendations too!

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Cathy M said...

I was able to read your interview at Dionne's, but it wouldn't let me post. The sex of the characters doesn't matter so much as the depth of their romance and the quality of the writing. I enjoyed the excerpt for Soul of the Night. It sounds like just the kind of paranormal story I would enjoy reading.

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