Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's Official, I'm Seeing Other Formats :)

I am a big fan of e-books but I am still a paper slut. The excitement of seeing my novel King of Dragons, King of Men appear on Amazon was topped by the arrive of my author copies. Then yesterday I dropped into my Borders branch and they agreed to order 10 copies and hold a signing. I had this guilty little feeling that now I felt like a "real" author.

The reality check is that several of my e-books are guaranteed to out-gross KODKOM; the bulk of my work will continue to go out in e-format for that reason. But the allure of paper is undeniable and so, heck, I'm going to enjoy it. Now I just need some ideas about what to do with these authors copies other than spread them out on the ground and roll in them ;)

1 comment:

Cathy M said...

Wow, Emily, what a thrill. I can just imagine that rolling in them would be pretty hard to resist. Big congrats!

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