Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why is GI Joe So HAWT?

I mean seriously? 'Cause we're talking about the boy's doll (hey I don't need to call it an 'action figure' to make myself feel butch) that's been around since before I was born. How did this guy…
Become the iconc status of boyhood in America? Or get to this guy? Who basically looks the same except for my fancy shibari rope work.

There wasn't any of this Cobra crap when I played with them. Killing Ken and capturing my sister's Barbies. There was the jungle guy and the legionnaire. And Joe never had any stupid "don't ask, don't tell" policy – if you get my drift. Ken was a wuss. Joe got laid, a lot by everyone...sometimes even Ken.

And how did they get to this?

Blowing up shit on the big screen in the newest live action incarnation.
And I'm a geek…I want to see it. Of course I want to see the scenes they'll never air. You know…Duke ripping the mask off the Cobra guy, frenching him hard and them humping it off together. I can dream though.


Tam said...

Holy crap, if they left the deleted scenes in I'd be there will bells on. LOL It appeals to me too. I'm sure it will be absolutely dreadful but ... its calling my name.

JenB said...

I don't remember GI Joe being so sci-fi. I do remember the cartoons and the "Knowing is half the battle" saying.

Maybe that's b/c I was busy playing with Barbie and the Ninja Turtles and my New Kids on the Block dolls.

Emmy, who likes the old GI Joe cartoons better said...

Definitely going to see it, although I work with real life GI Joes and they're a bit skeptical.

Having said is all the super suit stuff? Sargent Slaughter didn't need a fucking suit! He kicked ass in his tank top, BDU pants, and shit stomping boots.

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