Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some Visual Inspiration

I am a very visual person and love photographic art. For every male hero I've written, I have a picture which has inspired me when describing him. There are even times when I will search out images of houses, cars, clothing, pets, etc. to help with my writing. Currently, my photo collection has more than 9,000 yummy images.

Two men wrapped around each other creates such a visual feast. After browsing the albums, I decided to share some of my favorite m/m inspiration with you. Enjoy!

These two are just so HOT!

This makes me think of lazy weekend mornings

Kinda brings a whole new meaning to mud wrestling


Anonymous said...

*fanning self* Yeah, I'd describe those as YUMMY! *drooling* :P

Amanda Young said...

Oh my... Those are yummy. *g*

Robin Snodgrass said...

Awesome pictures!
I think my temp spiked when viewing a few of those...whewwwww
Hiding any more like those??

ingrid said...

I love your inspiration. *grin*
very nice.

Nicole Austin said...

Got tons of them Robin. I tried to post a few more but Blogger was being a PITA. I figured I'll save some for another posting. :D

Anne Cain said...

Ohhhhh yummmmmmmmm....!

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