Friday, September 14, 2007

Coming next week!

On Monday, Sept. 18th, Barb and I will be celebrating the release of our fourth book from Loose Id, Parallel Process! We can't wait for readers to meet Matt and Haku, the two cuties who star in this paranormal-yaoi-funfest. Since I've been hearing some pretty great comments about the cover, I'd like to share some of the character studies I did before working on the final art. :)

Matt & Haku
These sketches were made while I tried to figure out out how the two guys should look, and also how they'd act around each other. Matt is very playful while Haku tends to be more mature, but their different personalities don't stop them from sharing a deep intimacy.

Haku trying to work
See? Even when Haku is trying to focus on grading a term paper, his thoughts have a tendency to drift over to Matt...or certain parts of Matt, anyway. ;)

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Meet Maaya, the demon god who stirs up some trouble for Matt and Haku. Maaya's design is based on two major influences: sexy Bollywood hottie, Arjun Rampal, and the Prince of Persia. In this early sketch, he even raided the Prince's closet. >_> And who is the woman getting cozy with the demon god...? The curious will have to read "Parallel Process" to find out...


Laura Bacchi said...

These are great!

Sabrina Luna said...

Oh wow! Can't wait, ladies! I'm currently reading SOTN right now! :)

S )O(

Anne Cain said...

Thanks so much, girls. :D Sabrina, I hope you enjoy SotN--Ryuhei throws some serious Drama Queen fits that were a blast to write! *lolol*

Anonymous said...

Nice sketches! The artist is truly talented :)

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